Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Country's Best Pizza

My BFF is in town this week. We have been hanging out and showing her around the Phoenix area.  Last night we went to Pizzeria Bianco, which in recent months has been voted the best pizza place in America by Yahoo!.

So after work yesterday, I ran home to get my BFF and head towards downtown to meet with our friend Kammie.  Knowing that Kammie was going to be on a conference call on her way to the pizzeria, I went online before we left and got directions to E Adams St.

As we were driving along 7th St., where the directions told us to go, I couldn't find E Adams.  The directions end at 7th St.  After driving around for a little while longer, I decide to get out my GPS system my parents gave me for graduation.  Unfortunately, GPS cannot find streets which don't exist.  I end up calling a friend who has actually driven in Downtown Phoenix. 

When we arrived at Pizzeria Bianco, I went in and put our name on the list for a table.  The nice hostess informed me it would be a 1-2 hour wait.  I was excited because usually the wait is 4 hours for the best pizza in America. 

So what do we do, we wait.............................

Okay so we are starving by the time we get a table around 7pm.  We enjoy a nice salad.  They were good, but we are still unsure if it was because we were so hungry that it is good or if it was because it was good.

Then it was pizza time.  One Margherita Pizza and one Wiseguy please.  

They were so good.  We ate all but 3 slices.  YUMMY!!!

All in all, great time with friends, YUMMY food.  If you don't like waiting then you should probably try somewhere else.  But remember you missed out on the countries best pizza.