Thursday, September 11, 2008

Today's Path: Gum vs. Meals

At lunch there is always some random conversation going on. The good thing about today's conversation was it didn't make me turn five shades of red. It also brought about several good points.

Work has been busy lately trying to get the fall semester started, and, well, we are kind of stretched for time. Time is a premium. And lunch is school cafeteria food. We could go out for lunch, but I don't have mucho dinero right now seeing how I just bought a car.

So back to the main point...

We were trying to figure out how to have a delicious meal and at the same time maximize our time. This is what we came up with. Listen up now bubble gum industry and food industry.

Remember back to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Violet was the one who ate the bubble gum and turn, get this, violet. The main point, the bubble gum. We were trying to figure it out if there was a way to create a bubble gum that went through five different courses and gave us the calories that we needed with out the carbs.

In summary this is what we are looking for:

  • A bubble gum that will substitute for lunch
  • It still gives us the nutrition and calories for energy
  • 5 course meals in gum
  • The packaging displays the nutritional value of each piece of gum
  • And most importantly it can't change us colors!!!
So if someone could start making this, you have some buyers here in Phoenix!!

What are you discussing during lunch? Anything interesting?

Keep being the Rock Stars you are,
Lane J